Thanks for visiting MMA Alive a new and improved blog and resource site about Mixed Martial Arts. This is not just about the UFC, it is about MMA in general including the UFC, techniques, Pride fighting and much more too. The site includes a blog page, MMA school directory and MMA moves page which is a page full of the most popular MMA techniques. If you have something you would like to see added, either on the blog or a school in the directory you can e-mail info@mmaalive.com with as much information as possible please.
If you are hoping to add your school to the directory page please know that it must be approved by an administrator first. The school must also offer some sort of mixed martial arts training to be considered meaning that regular martial arts schools will not be added at this time. The school must also have an official website for administrators to review – not just a Facebook page.
The blog will cover many different types of things involved with MMA including the UFC and other fighting leagues, exclusive interviews, information about training as well as many other things too. If you have a scoop or lead on something interesting and would like to see it covered you may also e-mail us at the previously mentioned e-mail address.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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